Using Hypnosis For Easy Safe & Permanent Weight Loss

It’s time to overcome your fear and get back on those bathroom scales.
One of the biggest problems facing many people today is weight gain and a feeling that it’s out of control.
It’s no big secret that the key to weight loss is eating better eating less and doing more physical activity.
Be in no doubt, there is no quick fix. The new fad diet, slimming pills or other short term fix you’ve seen advertised will not work.  You may lose a few ponds in the short term but sooner or later it will all go back on with compound interest.
The true secret to easy safe and permanent weight loss is about changing the relationship with food it’s about changing the way you think about food using the power of your subconscious mind says behavioural hypnotist Keith Taylor who has been helping people make positive change for over thirty years.
What people really want is permanent change, weight loss that stays lost and the only way to achieve that is to remove the factor that put it on in the first place says Mr Taylor.
The key to permanent success is permanent change, through a combination of Hypnosis sessions and nutritional programming my ESP weight loss system brings about that change, guiding clients to ditch their bad eating habits, and adopt healthy lifestyles, not only to lose weight, but keep the pounds off.

 “Basically, what and how we eat all starts in the head, it originates in the mind. Appetite is controlled by the brain, so how we think is crucial to how we eat.” With an extraordinarily high success rate, Taylor’s common sense approach promotes long-term behavioural change. He works with individuals one to one, assessing their diet and weight goals, and gets a feel of what they like to eat. He then assists in finding healthier alternatives.

After they are made aware of their nutritional needs, Taylor begins the hypnosis sessions. He defines his ESP process as, “reprogramming the subconscious to discourage the subject from eating the junk they are used to eating. I tell them they don’t want it, don’t need it and they know better, I make sure that they begin to make the right choices.”

There is no suggestion that your favourite foods become forbidden fruit because a little of what you fancy will always do you good but the operative word here is “little”. Portion control, self-control or mindfulness call it what you will, weight loss doesn’t have to be a fight, it doesn’t have to be difficult if you are mindful and make  the right choice, it can be Easy, Safe and Permanent.

When your mind is in the right frame, when you allow it to take control you can enjoy feeling good about yourself and the weight loss will follow naturally.

  5 Easy Steps to Effective Weight Loss: 

Preparation: Have good healthy food available. When you have healthy food around you, you will always find something that you’ll like. 

Be Mindful and Aware of All Foods You Consume: When you go to bed at night, you should be able to recite to yourself all the food you ate that day.

Eat Slowly and Chew Thoroughly: Savour the flavours. You’ll end up eating less because you feel more satisfied. This also helps digest your food better!

Set Reasonable Goals: You can eat what you like and see results. Through mindful eating, portion control, and making
healthy choices, you can lose however many pounds you’d like. Aim for one to two pounds per week, depending on your personal needs.

Be Positive: You have within you the power to change your  life for the better !  Believe in yourself !

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